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The Open Source Recycling Technology Platform

This platform is a tool which is open to all and aims to fight against plastic pollution by making technical knowledge, on the recycling and recovery of plastic waste, available.

Plastic Odyssey

Introduction to the project

Plastic Odyssey is a recycling laboratory which experiments and develops new ways of recovering plastic waste.

We design technologies that are intended to be replicated and adapted around the world, to create recycling channels where they do not yet exist. Alongside the machines, we document and disseminate existing economic models and support entrepreneurs to develop new ones. These economic models are adapted to each region of the globe.

Objectives of the Technology Platform

“Transforming plastic waste into new useful objects to meet a local need and creating a viable economic sector using accessible tools”

Disseminate plans for recycling machines and technical knowledge on plastic waste

Share economic models based on the recovery of plastic waste

Connect a global ecosystem of local recycling players

Technologies designed according to 3 characteristics


Simple and accessible manufacturing

They can be built and repaired using standard parts and tools. Construction can be done locally and inexpensively.

Open source

Free access to knowledge

The plans are made available free of charge and patent-free to maximize their replication and therefore impact.

Local scale

Designed for local and productive use

They are intended to create local and decentralized sectors, as close as possible to the waste sources.

Machine manufacturing strategy

To give waste a second life, several steps are necessary: Plastic Odyssey is working on a set of technologies for each of these steps. Inspired by what already exists on the ground, these technologies aim to be replicated in regions lacking waste management infrastructure.

The solutions are adapted to the field based on existing technologies in the industry.


The shredder is an essential part of the recycling process and helps to reduce the volume of waste.

Washing Tank

The purpose of the washing tank is to separate the impurities from the plastic waste after shredding.


The centrifuge allows to refine the cleaning of the material by eliminating the last impurities.


The purpose of the extruder is to transform plastic chips into new materials.


The barrel is the support of moulds allowing to realize profiles of various sizes and sections.

Hydraulic Press

The hydraulic press is a machine used to shape plastic.

Sheet Oven

Transforming plastic waste into a sustainable material to give life to new 100% recycled products.


The compactor makes it possible to compress a set of waste to reduce its volume.


The Pyrolysis allows the transformation of plastic waste into liquid or gaseous hydrocarbons.


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Share your solutions

Share your solutions to reduce, recycle and reuse plastic waste.

The Plastic Odyssey Expedition

Find out more about our actions to fight plastic pollution.